STR Starter Pack

Buy, Rent, and Profit From Your First Short-Term Rental

(And Decide If STRs Are Right For You—Before You Lose Your Money)

"This saved me a bunch of time aimlessly looking at potential markets"

Are you thinking of buying your first short-term rental?

This is for you if...- You want to buy your first rental property (but aren't sure if STRs are for you)- You want to buy a short-term rental (but don't know where to start)- You are debating between long-term or short-term rentals(If you already own STRs, this is not for you)

The most important things to know about buying (and profiting) from your first short-term rental

Written by Bryce Garcia who...
- Bought 2 STRs in 9 months
- Spent 300+ hours managing them
- Lost over $50,000 in rookie mistakes
- Doesn't have an over-priced course to sell you after you finish

"Some people charge $200 for this education"

Want a sneak peak before starting?

Here's everything you'll find inside:

Day 1 The 4 Worst Parts About Owning Short-Term RentalsDay 2 The #1 Reason To Invest In STRsDay 3 The $50,000 Mistakes I made (so you don’t make them)Day 4 Buying your first STR (the first 5 steps)Day 5: Buying your first STR (Steps 6-9)Day 6: 5 Things to do after your accepted offerDay 7: How to Manage your STR (with a full-time job)